SKIN TIGHT tracks the epic, no-holds-barred “Designer Jeans War” that erupted between two fiercely ambitious families, each determined to win at even the most outrageous cost. It all begins in 1982, as the multi-billion-dollar fashion denim market is taking off like a shot. In New York, the three Nakash brothers, founders of formfitting Jordache jeans, decide to invest in an upstart California company named Guess, run by the two Marciano brothers. But what seems like an ordinary business deal soon becomes an all-out, unstoppable blood feud.

When the deal goes bad, the brothers get personal. And so begins an all-consuming, seven-year vendetta, as the Nakashes and Marcianos each tap their vast wealth to bring in a rogue’s gallery of lawyers, G-men, politicians and private detectives to prove their counterparts are corrupt. The result is an outsized saga of unbridled greed, family loyalty and corporate vengeance.

Writer: Christopher Byron, Executive Producers: Tim Hill, Veronica Hill, David Glasser